Mentoring Program

Welcome to the ASME Mentoring Program.

Whether you are interested in gaining career-guiding insight and advice from an engineering professional with more or different experience or, whether you are a more experienced engineer seeking an opportunity to give back to your field, the ASME Mentoring Program strives to facilitate unique experiences that both mentor and mentee can learn and grow from.

Mentees connecting with a more experienced engineer can get:

  • Career-guiding insights
  • Help in solving engineering problems at school or at work
  • Expanded networking opportunities finding their dream job
  • Help in navigating their early - career

Mentors have the opportunity to:

  • Give back to the engineering community
  • Share their experiences, knowledge and skills
  • Help the next generation of engineers realize their potential
  • Maximize their own effectiveness a managers

"I am learning from the experience of seasoned engineers … I wish I had this opportunity a long time ago."

- ASME Member

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