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The COVID-19 pandemic’s effects on all facets of life will be felt for months, even years to come. Not the least of which has been impacted is the labor market, with some industries that were relatively recession-proof, even amid the Great Recession of last decade, experiencing losses. But once the pandemic ends, some lines of work are poised to bounce-back strong. There are other careers working specifically to end the pandemic. Engineering is represented well in both instances, reflective of the diverse nature of the industry itself.

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ASME Career Articles

The Path to Professional Licensure

The engineering profession is made up of highly educated people whose careers are devoted to protecting the world’s health, safety, and welfare. One of the clearest ways a practitioner can demonstrate commitment to these values is through formal licensure. Read Article

Finding Common Ground Across Generations

Engineering workplaces were split between digitally native millennials and older employees more comfortable with face-to-face interactions. The pandemic forced everyone onto the same virtual page. Read Article

Bioengineering Blog: Preparing for a Career as a Simulation Engineer in Medical Devices

For mechanical engineering students with an interest in medical device research and development, computational modeling and simulation can be a great option for a career path. But the design challenges in making safe and effective devices requires familiarity with some areas that aren’t always included in a typical engineering education. Here are five areas to build your skills if you are interested in using simulation to create new medical devices. Read Article

Infographic: How Happy are Mechanical Engineers at Work?

Mechanical engineers are not struggling to find work but they also seem to be not very happy with their jobs and careers. A recent survey of mechanical engineers by recruiting firm Aerotek found large gaps in what they expect and what their managers provide. Read Article

Does STEM Diversity Promote Workforce Diversity?

Recent STEM diversity efforts have tried to attract young women and minorities into STEM programs in greater numbers. Programs designed by elementary schools and college educators seek to change long-standing diversity trends and making STEM studies and jobs more accessible. Read Article

Energy Blog: The Color of Energy

In many recent discussions about the future of energy, the language has been colorful. My environmentalist friends push for green policies and programs with names like green choice. Read Article

Making the Most of a Virtual Job Fair

During the coronavirus pandemic, job search seems like a near impossible task. But practicing social distancing and looking for a job—without leaving your home—is possible, thanks to virtual career fairs. Read Article

How Coronavirus is Reshaping the Engineering World

The new coronavirus is sweeping through the world like a scythe, disrupting not only our lives but also our jobs, companies, and industries. Whether we suddenly find ourselves telecommuting, facing unanticipated supply chain difficulties, or unable to run our factories, we’re all affected. Read Article

Bioengineering Blog: Supply Chains and the Health Crisis

As the world reacts to the Coronavirus outbreak, biomedical engineers and bioengineers are working to find ways to mitigate the spread of the virus. Read Article

Video: U.S. Begins First Human Trial of Coronavirus Vaccine

Bioengineers are racing to evaluate a candidate vaccine against the new coronavirus, starting a phase one trial to monitor its safety and effectiveness. Read Article

Bioengineering Blog: AI and Deep Learning Save Research Time During a Pandemic

In bioengineering, the time it takes to develop and field a solution has always been a concern when the solution will improve or save the lives of patients. Within the news cycles of the developing COVID-19 pandemic there has been a focus on the time it takes to develop new vaccines and critical medical equipment.Read Article

When Thinking Sabbatical, Put Your Company First

Not everyone waits for retirement to try to have an extended time away from their job. Enter the sabbatical. It’s a word that may seem to some to be almost a myth, like the unicorn, but engineers have taken them. Read Article

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