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The Best Engineering Jobs in 2018


Careers in engineering offer some of the most promising opportunities in the American labor market. Consider the findings of the National Center for Education Statistics report “The Condition of Education 2018.” 

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7 Ways to Make More Money as a Mechanical Engineer

The median pay for mechanical engineers in 2017 was $85,880 per year, or about $41 per hour, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the typical entry-level education required is a bachelor’s degree. Read Article

An Engineering Education Should Never End

You might have received your degree years ago, but every engineer knows that his or her education never really ends. In fact, professional development hours credits are a requirement in many states. Read Article

Creative Teaching Prepares Students for Engineering Classes

John Devitry faced two big problems while he was teaching introductory mechanical aerospace engineering courses at Utah State University.
The first was that too many students just weren’t ready to tackle the coursework and ended up failing the class. Read Article

Designing the Ethical Designer

A course in engineering design and another in engineering ethics might seem like wildly different beasts. One teaches students to make engineered goods, the other attempts to make students good engineers.Read Article

5 Reasons for Engineers to Give Back

The work of engineers is intertwined with every aspect of society. They apply their skills and expertise to the bridges we drive over, the irrigation systems that sustain our agriculture, the machines that save our lives, and so much more. Read Article

The Rise of the Master of Engineering Management Degree

The Master of Engineering Management degree is on the rise. On the surface it might seem the degree is meant for engineers eager to climb a few rungs in their career, hone their business skills, or flex their leadership skills. Read Article

What’s It Like for an Engineer to Work at a Startup

Not too long ago, the career path of most mechanical engineers was fairly standard: School, then advanced training, then 30 years or so with a large multinational corporation followed by a relaxing and well-earned retirement. Read Article

When Thinking Sabbatical, Put Your Company First

Not everyone waits for retirement to try to have an extended time away from their job. Enter the sabbatical. It’s a word that may seem to some to be almost a myth, like the unicorn, but engineers have taken them. Read Article

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