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Career motivation varies from person-to-person. Some seek monetarily lucrative careers; others want industry stability. For others, making a positive impact on the community might be their primary motivator.

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12 Skills You Need to Advance an Engineering Career

Engineers excel at solving problems, but developing soft skills to enhance careers isn't always a top priority. Scoring an interview means you have the technical chops. Read Article

How to Interview on Camera for a New Job

So what to do when a potential employer asks you to interview via video, something that can make even a seasoned veteran experience butterflies? Read Article

How to Mentor Young Engineers

Mentoring programs aim to plant seeds of interest in the minds of future engineers. When professionals look back on a successful career, a mentor has often played an important role. Read Article

An Engineer’s Guide to Getting Published

The concept of academic and business-to-business publishing, while foreign to many outside of the institutions, has emerged as a critical part of the modern engineer’s toolkit. Read Article

How to Homeschool Engineering Students

What do a jet engine, an 8-track tape, and a peanut have in common? For one, they were all associated with inventors and engineers who received at least part of their education at home rather than a traditional school. Read Article

Interviewing Basics for Engineers

Like many career fields, engineering is all about preparation: studying the necessary skills in school, developing hands-on experience in the field as an intern, and entering the profession ready to step up and do the work each day. Read Article

Experiential Learning and Cooperative Education Pay Off

For many would-be engineers, experiential learning is an important consideration when choosing an engineering college, particularly a school that has a robust cooperative education component. Read Article

Video: A Recipe for Success in New Roles

Transitioning from an engineering student to a real-world engineer or transitioning to a new workplace has never been easy. Watch Video

How to Become a People Person

As an engineer, you probably have pretty awesome hard skills, but what about your soft skills? Read Article

10 Skills Students Need to Succeed in Engineering

Engineering schools equip students with technical skills, but not necessarily professional skills. Here are 10 soft skills that need to be developed early so you just aren’t another number in a large crowd of engineers. Read Article

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